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Building Knowledge
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Turning Point - A Central Knowledge Hub

The Turning Point Information Portal was launched in April 2013 and today is a central point of information for all members' operational needs. It contains elearning courses specifically written to aid the knowledge acquisition and productivity of our member's staff. Today we have:

Turning point

35 courses

available in the Turning Point elearning Library

1226 completed

courses that have enriched the working lives of our members

372 members

have completed these courses across our membership

10 courses a week

completed on average across our membership

1140 hours

of training delivered

1038 users

are registered to use Turning Point in 2014/15.

Sharing Knowledge:

During 2014-15 Coact held two key events to bring members together at the Chairs and CoAct forum and our annual conference.

"At the CoAct conference we missed an entire session because a chance conversation with another member led to us redesigning our DES strategy... the resulting approach led to us placing a significant number of clients and we hit our targets...", CoAct member.

The Power of Many conference

The inaugural CoAct conference in Canberra during June was an incredible event filled with first class speakers, events, collaboration and entertainment.

Delegates from around Australia were treated to an impressive list of speakers that included some of Australia's most highly regarded thought leaders.

The result was deep discussion and networking in areas much broader than employment.

5 days

of learning and discussion across the two events alone

30 speakers

drawn from thought leaders beyond CoAct

The Impact? $2.5 million of the flow on effect of benefits created by the professional development provided by CoAct

Impact of Learning & Development on Members and Community

The value of the learning and development services provided by CoAct is a combination of two factors;

1. The value of the social impact:

Investments in learning and development lead to a flow on effect of benefits for individuals, their organisations, the sector, and the wider economy. These benefits can be attributed to the gain in knowledge and skills resulting from the learning and development opportunities.

2. The cost to deliver:

The level of professional development opportunities for Australian not for profit employees are highly variable - a positive correlation exists between revenue and the level of opportunities. This means that smaller not for profits are typically more constrained in the professional development opportunities they can afford to provide employees.

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