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The term social capital emphasises not just warm and cuddly feelings, but a wide variety of quite specific benefits that flow from the trust, reciprocity, information, and cooperation associated with networks. Social capital creates value for the people who are connected and for the communities which they live.

In our experience, small and medium-sized non-profits and social enterprises can create the most innovative solutions to social problems. When more organisations come together to share ideas, knowledge and collaborate we can help reach more people, and have the greatest impact.

'Collaboration, is not a gift from the gods but a skill that requires effort and practice.'

Douglas B. Reeves

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"Trust makes networks work. When trust is high among members of a network, there's a wonderful cohesiveness and capacity to get work done.

When trust is low and relationships are plagued by suspicion, networks collapse into brittle organisational structures that rarely offset their operational costs in real world outcomes."

"Examples of member collaboration show that once trust is established, social and relationship capital is formed and acts as a comparative advantage for the network and its members."

"Collaboration in the network is high relative to the broader employment service market, notably members collaborate with other members and with CoAct to share information and best practice. Evidence suggested that, in practice, this collaboration became increasingly meaningful and created material value after trust had been established."

(EY Report)

The Impact? High social capital and trust creates strong relationships that provide a platform to freely share high value information to improve outcomes and lives of those who need it most.

56 per cent of members primary purpose for interacting with the CoAct membership is to share knowledge and learnings

'We called a 5 star performer to get their perspective. While the context is slightly different the strategies are applicable. The non-compete atmosphere is really helpful here'.

'Other members have been contacting our Work for the Dole manager to ask her how she does it so well...'.

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