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Matt Little, CEO

Matt Little's passion is building stronger communities throughout Australia. As CEO of CoAct, he is noted for his vision in understanding the needs of multiple stakeholders and developing robust partnerships that tackle unemployment and disadvantage. Matt is at the forefront of collaboration between the employment services sector, industry and community.

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He has created innovative workforce development initiatives with some of the country's biggest employers that meet labour force needs and provide life-changing opportunities for unemployed Australians.

Matt Little's reputation for effective cross-industry engagement has him in demand as a thought leader across the private and public sector. He regularly liaises with government on policy and is a board member of the National Employment Services Association (NESA).

Jenni Mack, Chair

With over 25 years' experience in community sector leadership and corporate governance, Jenni brings a strong consumer advocacy perspective to her role as Chair of CoAct. She has expertise in strategy, risk management, organisational transformation and business innovation, particularly through digital platforms and partnerships. She has high level experience in public policy, regulation, stakeholder relations, media and corporate affairs.

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Jenni is a Director of Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, and a Trustee of the Travel Compensation Fund. She chairs the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's (ASIC) Consumer Advisory Panel and sits on the Commission's External Advisory Panel. She is Deputy Chair of the Advisory Board of Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Jenni has been leading the effort to establish a new consumer group to improve retirement income outcomes and the superannuation system. She is also playing a leadership role in a stakeholder collaborative process to design a new food label to help people make at-a-glance healthier food choices.

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CEO & Chair Yearly Summary
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