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Diverse Network
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The CoAct network is diverse. Each member has its own identity and area of specialisation. This rich tapestry allows ideas to grow and foster and be shared - a fertile environment for innovation.

Our collective infrastructure and partnership creates a strong national network powered by over 12,000 people working to positively impact those who need it most.

network depth

Our impact report has been segmented to highlight three levels of impact the CoAct network model creates:

National Body Impact: As a membership organisation, CoAct works to provide knowledge, systems and support to our members. Our national reach allows us to share knowledge and scale a great idea - we turn our members' ideas and successes into network-wide innovations. This work creates a direct impact in member organisations.

Member Impact: Each of our members are leaders in on-the-ground, homegrown innovation. They invest in local community programs which are sometimes unfunded, but deliver essential services that would not otherwise exist. They also provide a wide range of services including employment, disability, environmental and apprenticeships. This work delivers impact directly to individuals and their communities.

Collective Impact: Our network is made up of diverse organisations that all bring different strengths and knowledge that can be shared. They operate across a broad spectrum of communities in remote, regional and metropolitan Australia. Each community has unique challenges but ideas shared between them stimulates new thinking and solutions; positively impacting on more and more lives across the country. This is our collective impact - the power of many.

$414 million

in revenue is generated by the network, of which the majority flows back into local communities (2014/15 FY results)

211 member

locations, delivering community services, with 168 sites delivering CoAct services.

12k people

working in our network, to help those most in need including over 5000 employees and 6000 volunteers.

16k connections

with employers to help people into work in 2014/15 and 3000+ partners to solve community problems.

15 services

that our network provides to communities placing CoAct as one of the largest and most diverse providers.

23 members

working together across Australia to help people overcome their barriers.

breakdown of network specialisations

Our 23 members individually make an impact through their own identity and specialisations. However when they combine under the CoAct network to deliver employment, apprenticeship, environmental, training and services, the impact is multiplied through a diverse tapestry of organisations who work together to deliver more flow on benefits to communities across Australia. This is what we call the power of many.

Case studies that illustrate our network depth include:

Creating opportunity through alliances

CoAct member, MTC Australia, joined forces with Australia's largest private provider of industry-focused training, ..

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to increase employment opportunities for students.

Students enrolled in the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program with MTC Australia can now undertake vocational study across a variety of sectors, including business, health, hospitality and trades, whilst completing their literacy and numeracy training.

MTC Australia's Business Development Manager, Dennis Owen, said the new partnership would open doors for employment for clients.

"Our organisation is very much focused on achieving the best outcomes for our students and providing them with a platform to achieve their occupational goals.

"This joint venture will enhance our ability to provide an increased level of support and assistance to those wishing to upskill or reskill.

"We are excited to work with Careers Australia to create viable pathways for our students that will ultimately lead to employment."

Clients across MTC Australia's 16 SEE sites will be eligible to enrol in the courses, which will be delivered through Careers Australia.

Careers Australia NSW State Manager, Ben Lunn, said that he is pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with a fellow training provider to deliver better career opportunities.

"Our organisations have united on a shared commitment to high quality service delivery and a genuine interest in empowering the community.

"I look forward to working with MTC Australia to identify and develop training solutions that are responsive to the needs of our communities. as a tool to break down barriers.

The program focuses on boosting self-esteem, learning tangible skills and connecting them to a positive future.

Young people who are disengaged with mainstream schooling are referred to the program. Dismantle teaches them bike restoration skills, while Bridging the Gap upskills them with a Cert I in Work Preparation. The outcome is that 75 per cent of participants are actively involved in education, training or employment six months after they complete the Bike Rescue Partnership Project.

The Education Department of WA has described the project as "one of the most effective engagement programmes running in the south metro region, and we are looking forward to continuing the good work for the benefit of Perth teenagers."

Rural youth given career boost

Through the QGC Strengthening Local Workforces program, CoAct member BUSY At Work is giving life-changing ..

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opportunities to the youth of rural Queensland. Originally from Tara (300km west of Brisbane), Thomas Barlow was always keen to move into the workforce but wasn't sure of what pathway to take to help him achieve his goal.

Three years ago, like many young teenagers, Thomas was struggling to get through school and his dream of gaining full-time employment seemed a long way away. The QGC Strengthening Local Workforces program enabled Thomas to commence a school-based traineeship at Tara Rural Supplies and was supported by BUSY At Work. He attended an alternative school program three days per week and worked at Tara Rural Supplies on the other days.

Following the completion of his traineeship, Thomas continued working for Tara Rural Supplies gaining plenty of life experience along the way. His dream of acquiring a full-time job has become a reality, taking on a role with Capalaba-based company Trade Tools.

Tara Rural Supplies owner David Gunther said Thomas had matured a lot during his time with the company and he was proud that Thomas had achieved his ambition of full-time time employment and is enjoying his new life in Brisbane.

BUSY At Work CEO, Paul Miles, said it was pleasing to see local employers willing to give at risk youth a chance.

"Tara Rural Supplies is a great example of how an employer can make a difference in a young person's life. By putting in a little extra effort and providing the right training and assistance, we can provide opportunities for young people who might otherwise not see a future.

"With the support of the QGC Strengthening Local Workforces Program and local employers we can help young people overcome challenges and set them on a career pathway for their future."

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