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Driving Performance
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CoAct provides services and systems for members to create and build organisational and operational efficiencies.

driving performance

Organisational effectiveness "If you get off track on Star Ratings it takes a lot to turn it around. CoAct are really responsive on feedback, which is valuable because we need to move immediately to get back on track".

Operational effectiveness "Being a [CoAct] member has allowed [us] to diversify into other areas and build up our operations over the last 12 months. We didn't have the data systems in place before to do this"

During 2014/15 we invested in:


IT systems to capture and drive information


Business Analysts to assess and consult on member businesses


Regional Strategy Specialists to devise region-specific strategies


Improving Performance Workways

Workways Australia delivers the Disability Employment Services contract for CoAct in Townsville.

When they experienced a continuous decline in their Star Rating (standard measurement to determine contract performance) to becoming close to 1 Star, quick and decisive action was required to reverse the trend.

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To ensure small and lasting improvements were made to lift the overall performance, a multifaceted approach was undertaken.

A thorough analysis of each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measure was undertaken, benchmarked against the national and regional averages to determine where the key areas of focus needed to be. A commitment from management was given to resource and invest in these areas.

Additionally, a review of job seeker progression practices was undertaken to ensure candidates were being thoroughly prepared for work in a timely fashion.

To support the growth of job opportunities for job seekers, employer contacts from across the whole organisation was mobilised to boost referrals in Townsville, with a dedicated marketing campaign and a boost in personnel to deliver employer support implemented.

This resulted in an almost immediate change, with a noticeable improvement in KPIs after only two weeks of the strategies being rolled out.

After only six months, Workways had lifted its Star Rating to just being shy of 4 Stars and continues to build on this every day.

Driving Performance
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