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Our Collective Impact

EY Report on our Impact
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EY was engaged by CoAct in April 2015 to measure the value created by its national network of members. The report presented the findings of EY's analysis.

EY's work focused on understanding and quantifying the value created across the stakeholder domains which, when taken together, form the basis of CoAct's total value proposition as determined by:

  1. The value created by CoAct members
  2. The value created by the CoAct national network
  3. The value created by CoAct collectively.

Two methodologies were leveraged: network analysis and EY's Total Value Framework.

Given the uniqueness of CoAct's network model, the report aimed to assist CoAct and its members in articulating our value proposition to stakeholders. The final report:

  • Summarised what members perceived to be valuable about being part of CoAct
  • Shared the key findings on how the network and members combine to create value
  • Describes the value that is created by CoAct.

The key findings of the report have been presented here in the 2014-2015 Impact Report.

EY - building a better working world

Our Collective Impact?

The CoAct network contributed $309m to their local communities
(not sent back to capital cities or offshore)

Some of the key findings of the report:

member spend and re-spend

As locally-embedded community service providers, our network of members create beneficial outcomes for Australia's disadvantaged and the broader community.

90% of CoAct's revenue is invested back into its members which flows on to benefit their communities. In addition, EY found overwhelming evidence of member commitment to their local community and operating their organisations under a principle of stewardship.

Members directly contributed $237 million to the Australian economy in 2014 (value added basis). On average 69 per cent of a member's total revenue is spent within the local contract region.

(EY Report)

Regionally-located members contributed $45 million to the economy and supported approximately 500 full time and 390 part time and casual positions outside of major urban areas in employment services.

(EY Report)

84 per cent of member employees are located in their local region creating 2500 full-time and 1900 part-time and casual positions created to deliver services to Australia's disadvantaged.

(EY Report)

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