CoAct - Community Activation

Impact Report 2015

How we define 'impact'

CoAct structure allows the few to support the many

How our impact is structured

Our impact report has been segmented to highlight three levels of impact the CoAct network model creates:

National Body Impact: As a membership organisation, CoAct works to provide the knowledge, systems and support to our members. Our national reach allows us to share knowledge and scale a great idea - we turn our members' ideas and successes into network-wide innovations. This work creates a direct impact in member organisations.

Member Impact: Each of our members are leaders in on-the-ground, homegrown innovation. They invest in local community programs which are sometimes unfunded, but deliver essential services that would not otherwise exist. They also provide a wide range of services including employment, disability, environmental and apprenticeships. This work delivers impact directly to individuals and their communities.

Collective Impact: Our network is made up of diverse organisations that all bring different strengths and knowledge that can be shared. They operate across a broad spectrum of communities in remote, regional and metropolitan Australia. Each community has unique challenges but ideas shared between them stimulates new thinking and solutions; positively impacting on more and more lives across the country. This is our collective impact - the power of many.

history of impact

A history of impact

CoAct started life in 1997 under the name Job Futures. The establishment of our organisation was in response to the government's decision to outsource public employment programs. Private, community-based and public sector providers were forced to tender against each other for government contracts to deliver employment services. It created an environment of competition, rather than collaboration.

Our founding members realised the best chance of success for small, community-based providers in a competitive environment was to combine forces and tender collaboratively as a single provider. So we developed the first 'social franchise' of its kind in Australia, where the members own the parent company.

Over the years, we have delivered many vital but unfunded community services, often in regional and remote areas, as a response to community need. Since 1997, the world has become increasingly more interconnected, and employment is now inextricably linked with many other community services. In 2015 we reflected this shift by changing our name to CoAct.