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With the introduction of the jobactive programme, our Job Services Australia services ceased on June 30. CoAct has been a constant presence in each iteration of Australian employment services initiatives and we're proud of the achievements made across our 109 locations in 25 Employment Service Regions over six years.

  • 15 members delivered until the end of the contract
  • At our peak (2013) we were equal first in performance rankings - almost 30 per cent of sites 4 star or above
  • Between 2009 and 2015 we changed the lives of 65,388 people by finding them employment, 89 per cent being some of the most disadvantaged in our community. (ACM04 Jul 09-Jun 15)
  • The real impact is reflected in our Local Heroes stories here.

Pecuniary Value of Employment Outcomes

CoAct members facilitated a total of 1,500 sustainable employment placements resulting in 26 week outcomes, across streams 2, 3 and 4 in 2014. Approximately 900 of the sustainable employment placements occurred above the average speed. This creates a pecuniary value of employment outcomes which is equal to the number of weeks a client is ahead of the speed to placement benchmark, multiplied by the value accrued during those weeks. (see graph above.)

In addition unemployment can result in social isolation, low self esteem and stigmatisation, causing considerable loss in an individuals wellbeing. Members who assist Australians re-enter the workforce facilitated non-pecuniary benefits for clients through positive impact of employment and wellbeing. The estimated total of well being benefits faciliated by CoAct members is estimated to be $40.1M. (EY Statistic - Based on 26 week outcomes for stream 2,3 and 4 in 2014)

"I can't tell you how important community services are. I personally suffered from severe depression and anxiety for a long, long time. Five years' later, through the support of CoAct and IMPACT, I'm in my dream role".

CoAct successfully tendered to deliver the Australian Government's jobactive, which replaced Job Services Australia from July 1 and will run until June 30, 2020.

jobactive helps both employers and job seekers - by finding the right staff for business and sourcing jobs that are a good fit for individuals.

CoAct was also successful in tendering for the Work for the Dole programme in Broome as part of the jobactive suite of services.

Seven members deliver the jobactive services:

Offices opened across Australia:

38 full-time sites

to help those in need connect to employment options

3 outreach sites

to help those in need connect to employment options

7 Employment Regions

across Australia in metropolitan and regional Australia

Work for the Dole in Broome has also opened its doors as part of the CoAct network.

On July 1, 2015 all CoAct sites were opened on time, fully resourced, trained and on schedule. CoAct was ahead of the pack, with many of our competitors not opening sites on time or at all within the first two weeks.

"All members and their staff displayed an exceptional amount of professionalism whilst still being enthusiastic in the throes of some very challenging situations". Christina Robertson, Manager - National Employment Services

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