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A key focus of the CoAct network is to help those in need find meaningful employment.

We know how employment can change a person's life and have positive flow-on effects for their family and their wider community.

breakdown of network specialisations

"Members facilitated economic opportunities for Australia's disadvantaged through employment services were found to create significant value for their clients.

These clients included some of Australia's most disadvantaged stakeholder groups, including long-term unemployed, culturally and linguistically diverse migrant refugees, the homeless or at risk of homelessness, Aboriginal/Torres Straight Islanders, people with disability and youth at risk." (EY Report)


people helped to move towards or gain employment


people gained employment through our efforts

$78 million

estimated value from both the pecuniary benefits for clients, their families and government in achieving 26 week job outcomes and the additional wellbeing benefits of working facilitated by CoAct members*.

*Based on JSA participants reaching 26 weeks employment for stream 2,3 and 4 in 2014 (EY Report).


spent to provide crucial vocational and non vocational supports and services to help people get and remain in work.

We change lives by spending quality time with our clients:
72% of our members ranked in the top three providers in their region for frequency of contact with clients (JSA Contracts).

(Numbers based on JSA + DES Client breakdown)

snapshot of types of people we have helped this year

A case study illustrating how we have changed lives:

Work for the Dole yields result

Elizabeth Corrigan has been out of the workforce for 20 years, but it was her participation in the CoAct/Settlement Services International (SSI) Community

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Kitchen Work for the Dole program in Marrickville that helped her gain a job.

Community Kitchen is one of three Work for the Dole programs coordinated by SSI, and Elizabeth said it was a contributing factor in her employment success.

Ms Corrigan said that by being out of the workforce for so long, she didn't feel comfortable about 'selling herself' - advice that had previously been offered by other employment agencies.

She said that the Community Kitchen gave her the self-belief to showcase her skills again.

"It helped me boost my confidence and the personalised service and support that they gave that really lifted my spirits.

"Community Kitchen gave me practical, hands-on work experience and it was an opportunity to socialise and meet people from all walks of life."

CoAct/SSI manager of employment services, Terry Wilson, said he could see the potential and passion in Elizabeth from day one.

"We believe that job seekers need the empowerment of practical and realistic experience that our Work for the Dole programs offer and we provide a tailored service for our clients, no matter how long they have been unemployed."

Elizabeth said she was enjoying her new job and was given more shifts than she had expected.

"My colleagues keep telling me to slow down and stop working so hard, but it makes the time go faster and I feel like I'm somebody again."

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