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Raising Our Voice - A New Brand
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raising our voice

Our organisation had a proud heritage as Job Futures. But as the world becomes increasingly more interconnected, employment is now inextricably linked with many other community services.

So the time came to reflect that change in our name. The new brand CoAct delivers complete collaboration, not a partial solution.

The business of collaboration

Rather than being in the business of employment, it became clear that we were actually in the business of collaboration. Extensive market research into perceptions around our brand confirmed that if we were going to consolidate our position in an increasingly competitive market, then we would need a brand that was distinct and meaningful.

Understanding our origins

In 1997 when our founders drew up the charter that guides us to this day, they foresaw a network of diverse members collaborating to provide a wide range of services. Founding father Steve Lawrence wrote:

"There is nothing more important than helping people who are socially excluded in our community move towards work and lifelong learning. I do think it has to be combined with community building and social engagement though. So it's not just about a job, it's actually about people connecting with their community."

The Job Futures brand

The Job Futures brand was a response to the Job Network tender, and with the subsequent success in that tender, the organisation focused on employment services.

Over the years however, members have expressed frustration regarding the limiting nature of the word 'job'. While the organisation's focus was firmly set on building long term careers for our job seekers, the name seemed to imply something more short-term.

The brand was increasingly being mistaken for a commercial recruiter and not the grassroots, community organisation we are.

The problem with boxes

The most critical issue was that our name put people in boxes. Darren was not Darren he was a 'job seeker'. This ignored the fact that Darren also lived in a car, had an undiagnosed mental condition and was illiterate. The truth was that the sort of job seekers we worked with needed a level of support that continually pulled us into areas beyond employment. This still holds true.

Job Futures

CoAct - new identity

CoAct - new identity

CoAct - new identity

CoAct - new identity

The benefits for clients

Our research also revealed that clients want to talk to one advisor, who understands and believes in them, and who can assist in a range of different areas. They found us a refreshing change to other organisations that would pass them around from provider to provider with little co-ordination between them.

As CoAct, we will be able to make the most of our ability to manage complexity. By offering a platform for complete collaboration we can now apply our ability to connect, co-ordinate and evaluate across a wide range of member and partner activities. As a backbone to all sorts of collaboration, we can now deliver multiple services simultaneously.

The benefits for members

Without a strong and consistent brand, our work is much harder. With strong brand behind us, we will be more trusted and perform better.

CoAct's potential to introduce more partners and clients to our members is enormous. In the past, our behind-the-scenes Job Futures brand has not helped us to deliver on our potential. Being a part of a high-profile brand that says clearly 'we are open for collaboration' will open up more diverse revenue streams. This will mean our members will be more sustainable and can look beyond the limited government contract cycles to a secure, long-term future sustained by the 'power of many'.

The New Identity

Circles have long stood for community or meeting places in a variety of cultures. Here they are interconnected with the dot in the centre standing for the individual. The individual is wrapped in the care of their community but is also the pivot on which the whole community activates.

The Positioning Line

'Community activation' is a commitment to impact on a larger scale than ever before. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, employment services become inextricably linked with many other community services.

We stand for a united approach so that, where needed, we can offer simultaneous services to affect permanent life change.

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