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Two Years of Impacting Australian Lives

We believe in the positive change that can be achieved by building connections. Whether it be linking job seekers and employers, helping disadvantaged Australians to re-engage with their community, or sharing insights between like-minded organisations, connections power our goal of transforming lives. Over the past two years, CoAct and its Service Partners have forged numerous connections.

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Sharing Our Stories

Change The Story

In late 2016, CoAct embarked on an innovative story-telling project 'Change the Story' aimed at highlighting the real life stories of people looking for work and those helping them to find employment. Throughout our Impact report you will see many of the stories from the communities we operate in. Change the Story celebrates people and communities around Australia who are changing the story - who are stepping up, working hard and making a difference in their own lives and in their community. Watch and share your favourite stories of change here: www.changethestory.com.au.